Are you a health professional running a practice in Calgary and/or surrounding areas? We provide medical facility photography services to make sure your marketing graphics be it website/ images in clinic/ advertisments look great.

We work with health professionals ranging from dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, optometrists etc.

If you are looking for a sample of our work, look at this -


Health and fitness

Here is a logo we developed -



And another image -



The above images are related to our ” sample” work for Physiotherapist in Calgary – Hamptons Chirocare….they are still in the process of getting a professional photoshoot done.

If you are interested in a professional photo shoot for your clinic. Contact us today!.

Pet Photos in Calgary


Want a photo shoot for your pet in Calgary? We have professional photographers working around the city who can take your pet to amazing locations around Calgary for a Photo shoot.


We also have tie-ups with various Pet accessories firms in Canada. One of them is Petplax that provides a number of solutions for pets including Pet Plaques, accessories and pet photos included.

So when we take your pets photo, you can gift them to your family using a wonderful Pet Plaque.